Hello, I'm Eli.

I'm the youngest of four brothers, which means I've gotten pretty good at learning through observation and handling criticism well (being told I was adopted, charlie horses, getting farted on, etc.) Growing up I always wanted to be an NBA player, but after getting drafted to the B team in 8th grade, I knew I had to take a different path.

Anyway, along came advertising. An industry where I can still be part of a team and my basketball skills don't matter as much. I dig working with like-minded people and coming up with interesting ideas.

Things I also like: photography, skateboarding, latest tech, watching movies, making movies, hiking, biking, drinking coffee and not eating lunch at my desk. 



Freelance Copywriter (Austin, TX) 3/18 —

Shine United (Madison, WI) Copywriter 10/16 — 3/18

Traction Factory (Milwaukee, WI) Copywriter 1/16 — 10/16

Planet Propaganda (Madison, WI) Freelance Copywriter 11/15 — 1/16

BVK (Milwaukee, WI) Copywriter Intern 4/15 — 11/15


Thanks for stopping by. If you see something you like, hate or want to learn how to say my last name, you can reach me here:

262.527.6426 // eli.drljaca4@gmail.com // LinkedIn