Hello, I'm Eli.

I'm the youngest of four brothers, which means I've gotten pretty good at learning through observation and handling criticism well (being told I was adopted, charlie horses, getting farted on, etc.) Growing up I wanted to be an NBA player, but after getting drafted to the B team in 8th grade, I knew I had to take a different path.

Along came advertising. An industry where I can still be part of a team and my basketball skills don't matter as much. I dig working with like-minded people and coming up with interesting ideas. And despite my last name looking like a Scrabble rack from hell, I feel like I’m pretty good with words, too.

Thanks for stopping by. If you see something you like, hate or want to learn how to say my last name, you can reach me here:

262.527.6426 // eli.drljaca4@gmail.com // LinkedIn


Freelance Copywriter (Austin, TX) 3/18 —

Shine United (Madison, WI) Copywriter 10/16 — 3/18

Traction Factory (Milwaukee, WI) Copywriter 1/16 — 10/16

Planet Propaganda (Madison, WI) Freelance Copywriter 11/15 — 1/16

BVK (Milwaukee, WI) Copywriter Intern 4/15 — 11/15

OTHER INTERESTS: photography, skateboarding, video games, latest tech, watching movies, making movies, hiking, biking, drinking coffee and not eating lunch at my desk.